About Us 

An industry focussed RD&D partnership supporting Australia’s transition to a low carbon energy future

  • A collaborative & connected research community embracing industry, academia and government
  • Focussed on a crucial sector of the Australian energy economy
  • Realising the full potential of low-carbon fuels in the energy supply mix
  • Providing solutions to repurpose existing infrastructure to transport future fuels safely and reliably
  • Informing coordinated national policy and regulation
  • Protecting and extending the reliability and safe operative life of energy infrastructure
  • Enabling structures, protocols and linkages to stay abreast of global developments


Established in 2018, the Future Fuels CRC supports Australia’s multibillion dollar energy sector to transition to low-carbon fuels. These fuels will be delivered through both new and repurposed infrastructure to meet the needs of the whole energy market – electricity, transport, agriculture, mining, building, industrial and residential sectors.


Australia must develop affordable, reliable low carbon energy sources and effective solutions for its total energy needs. Gas and future low-carbon fuels can provide energy directly in the form of heating and indirectly as a fuel for electricity generation, and as an alternative energy storage option.

The over 120,000 km of existing pipeline networks provide a large and cost-effective facility to deliver and store future fuels, such as hydrogen, biogas, and synthetic natural gas.

Leveraging existing infrastructure and industry know-how to reliably supply clean energy makes economic sense. The Future Fuels CRC is essential to this process and provides long term advantages not only to its partners but the broader Australian community.