Vision & Mission


Our vision is to enable Australia to develop and implement affordable, reliable low-carbon fuels and networks to deliver its energy needs. Gaseous and future low-carbon fuels will provide:

  • Direct Energy in the form of heating, transport and industrial fuels,
  • Indirect Energy for electricity generation that is flexible and responsive,
  • Energy Storage with the capacity to cover seasonal variations in demand and
  • Energy Export facilities.


Future Fuels CRC supports Australia’s energy sector to transition to low-carbon fuels. These fuels will be delivered through both new and repurposed infrastructure to meet the needs of the whole energy market – electricity, transport, agriculture, mining, building, industrial, residential and export sectors.

Australia’s existing pipelines, distribution networks and gaseous fuel storage facilities are world-class and provide a large and highly cost-effective opportunity to deliver and store future fuels including hydrogen, biogas, and synthetic natural gas.

Using existing infrastructure and industry know-how to reliably and safely supply future fuels makes economic sense, allowing Australia to implement them faster and at lower cost. Future Fuels CRC is essential to this process and provides long term advantages to its partners and the broad Australian community.