Future Fuels CRC’s Education and Training Program will build the capacity of the future fuels sector. The objectives of the program are:

  • Improve the capacity of business, industry and research entities in the energy sector to successfully execute collaborative research
  • Enhance professional capabilities of new, early and mid-career entrants into the industry
  • Successful translation of research to application
  • Improve capacity within the energy sector to understand complex problems
  • Develop skills to influence policy and regulatory interventions necessary for successful industry and national development

Delivery of the Education and Training program is supported by four milestone themes:

PhD Program

Our PhD students are being enrolled. These graduates could then go on to be employed directly by industry or continue post-doctoral industry-led research on future fuels.

Undergraduate training

Undergraduate or postgraduate education modules/courses will be developed and delivered through participant universities.

Advanced management training

PhD students, academic researchers and industry staff will complete management and leadership training. An additional 50 people will also complete management and leadership training and the use of these skills will be demonstrated through survey and assessment activities.

Policy, public education, outreach and awareness

Relevant stakeholders will participate in policy, public education, and awareness seminars.