Low Carbon Energy Fuels and Decarbonising Gas Networks
Social Acceptance, Public Safety and Security of Supply
Asset Integrity Management and Infrastructure Life Extension

The Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) reflects the vision of Australia’s gas and pipelines sector, focusing on the pivotal role that new fuels and the existing gas infrastructure will have to play in a low carbon economy.

The Future Fuels CRC will enable the Australian gas and pipeline industry to provide a competitive, low carbon energy alternative for residential, commercial, industrial and transport sectors to complement and support intermittent renewable electricity generation.

Significant opportunity exists to adapt existing gas infrastructure for the production, transport, storage and use of more sustainable “future fuels” such as hydrogen, biogas and liquid derivatives like ammonia and methanol that can meet a significant part of local demand and generate export opportunities.

Gas infrastructure can also increase the utilisation of renewable generation by storing clean gas manufactured during periods of surplus generation for later use.

Being able to utilise existing energy network infrastructure, which can store the same amount of energy as 6 billion Powerwall batteries and which currently services 5 million homes, 130,000 businesses, and powers mining and manufacturing, represents a major economic national benefit.

The Future Fuels CRC will develop solutions for current infrastructure and equipment to use low carbon fuels today and well into the future. Collaborating with over 60 companies, 6 universities, the energy market operator and 2 regulators, low carbon fuels offer increasing potential to store and deliver reliable, clean, secure, and affordable energy to Australian consumers.

The Future Fuels CRC will be supported by $26m cash from the Commonwealth Government under the CRC program and about $65m of cash and in-kind funding from industry and universities over its 7 year life.

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