Biomethane webinar launches online economic assessment tool

June 4, 2024

4 June 2024

At our latest webinar on the techno-economics of biomethane projects, Sam Culley from the University of Adelaide  shared their latest research and a new online tool to explore how to de-risk biomethane projects and improve their viability in Australia.

The research team have developed a techno-economic assessment tool for Australian biomethane projects using all the above parameters. Sam will present on how they have used the tool to identify key factors affecting the LCOE of biomethane and potential related leverage points to help reduce it. They have also examined the impact of potential government policies in supporting biomethane projects and how these could affect economic viability.

The online tool is available for free at:

A User Guide and Model Overview (pdf) to support the tool is also available.

Sam was joined by a panel of industry experts to explore and discuss the research:
Ragini Prasad, Executive Officer, Victorian Bioenergy Network
Mike Davis, Managing Director, Optimal Renewable Gas
Benjy Lee, Benjy Lee Consulting (host)