Future Fuels CRC webinar: Understanding metering and gas quality monitoring of future fuels in transmission pipelines

August 10, 2021

Tuesday 10 August 1pm-1:45pm AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra)
Research project RP3.2-07


Join our research and industry team to understand the suitability of Australia’s currently installed and new natural gas metering and gas quality monitoring instrumentation in Australia’s natural gas transmission networks when using low level future fuel blends including Hydrogen.

The sessions will also be recorded and available for viewing in the secure Members’ Area of the Future Fuels CRC website.

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Speakers and panellists:
Dr Neil Smith, University of Adelaide
Assoc. Prof. Paul Medwell, University of Adelaide
Scott Sharbanee, Enscope
Dr Ajit Godbole, University of Wollongong

David Norman, CEO Future Fuels CRC

It is important that suppliers, consumers, importing/exporting countries, and tax authorities can trust that the measurements of the amount of gas consumed are fair, consistent, and reliable. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the uncertainty associated with the measurement of gas quantity and gas composition is within acceptable limits.

The research project looked to determine any additional technological limitations and/or measurement uncertainty for these applications in comparison to the existing criteria applied to natural gas alone. This will help assess whether existing metering facilities in Australia’s transmission networks are capable of effectively managing future fuel applications, and indicate whether any modifications and additions are necessary.

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