Webinar: Risk governance for procurement of future fuels

April 17, 2023

Examining procurement to understand risks that can result in adverse outcomes. 

While procurement risk is generally well managed in the gas sector, there is always room for improvement and value in reflecting on procurement issues posed by future fuels projects linked to hydrogen, biogas and other possible fuels. Join Prof Jan Hayes and a panel of industry experts to understand how their latest research has developed an understanding of these practices to improve risk governance in the gas sector and across the energy sector more broadly.

Procurement is a complex process and failures of materials, equipment or services through ineffective supply chain risk management in transition to future fuels could adversely impact the development of the emerging industry. Research into effective mitigation of such threats is vital to ensure that expectations for public safety are met and that the reputation of both organisations and new technologies are enhanced.

Project RP2.3-06 ‘Risk Governance for Procurement in Future Fuels’ considered how procurement fails when failures in procurement planning, specification, purchasing, manufacturing, or delivery of goods or services result in a project failing to meet stakeholder objectives, both short and long term. Nineteen procurement failure cases were identified in the public domain in different sectors, including construction, transport, energy, aviation, and oil and chemical process industries, to explore why procurement went wrong and what can be learned from them to prevent the recurrence of future procurement failures. The project has delivered a Risk Governance in Procurement Framework and associated booklets to help industry procurement and engineering professionals implement the research in their organisations.

The webinar will run from 3:00pm with a Q&A session at the end. We expect to close the webinar around 4:00pm.

The webinar is free of charge and open to everyone with an interest in procurement, organisational safety and risk management.

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This research was created as part of project RP2.3-06 that is funded by Future Fuels CRC, supported through the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program. We gratefully acknowledge the cash and in-kind support from all our research, government and industry participants.