Residential School – University of Adelaide

June 19, 2022 - June 24, 2022

After several delays that are Covid-related, Future Fuels CRC is excited about the forthcoming Residential School for our postgraduate students.

Our venue will be the North Terrace campus of the University of Adelaide over the period from the 19 to 24 June. The program will be mainly experiential and will focus on developing five themes:

  • Research impact, including discussion of how to fast track the impact of the research being undertaken by our students.
  • Project delivery and management, including an understanding group dynamics, personal operating styles and team leadership.
  • Career planning and job search, resulting in the formulation of an individual development plan.
  • Personal effectiveness and management of well-being.
  • Building of networks across the full CRC community, and the broader research and business environment.

The gathering will also enable the students to develop their networks and understanding of future fuels and energy sectors.

Leaders from industry, government and universities will be supporting many of the presentations, discussions and group work sessions.  We aim to leverage the relationships within the diverse membership of the CRC to provide a rich experience in the school.