Webinar – Hydrogen to methanol, achieving efficient conversion to an alternative fuel

July 25, 2024

Thursday 25 July 2024

11:00am-12:30pm (AEST)

Join our free-of-charge webinar to explore the latest research in developing renewable methanol by the efficient conversion of hydrogen.

As part of Future Fuels CRC research to accelerate development of early stage, breakthrough technologies, Colin Scholes’s team at the University of Melbourne have developed hybrid membrane technology and bespoke catalysts to improve hydrogen to methanol conversion. This webinar will cover research completed as part of project RP1.3-04 Efficient conversion of hydrogen to future fuels.

The technology combines a catalytic reactor with membrane separation to achieve a membrane-based reactor, reducing the overall equipment footprint. This transformative technology can assist hydrogen producers and CO2 emitters to efficiently produce alternative fuels for their storage and transportation purposes.

The webinar will include a brief introduction to hydrogen-to-methanol technologies, and the research opportunities to further enable the sector.

The webinar is free-of-charge and open to everyone.

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