Webinar – Gas appliances compatibility with Hydrogen Blends

August 25, 2020

10:30 – 11:45 Tuesday 25 August (AEST)

Understanding the capability of Australia’s installed gas appliances to operate with Hydrogen/Natural Gas blends is an important achievement for Future Fuels CRC and our participants. Both our research projects have now been successfully delivered:

RP1.4-01 Future Fuels end-use – Type A appliances Test Program
(Type A includes Domestic and light commercial type appliances)

RP1.4-02 Future Fuels end-use – Type B and industrial equipment
(Type B includes industrial and heavy appliances with gas consumption in excess of 10MJ/h)


We have created a webinar for all our participants to learn more about this important research. The Presenters and Q&A panel will include:

Peter Ashman          University of Adelaide
Neil Smith               
  University of Adelaide
Leon Bogers            
GAMAA / Rinnai
Enzo Alfonsetti        
Energy Safe Victoria
Pavel Panek             
University of Melbourne
Josh Wickham         
GPA Engineering

This Webinar is only open to participating organisations of Future Fuels CRC, so please login to the Members’ Area to register or contact us.