PhD scholarship: Oxygen inhibition of hydrogen embrittlement of pipeline steels

January 5, 2022

Future Fuels CRC is funding a PhD scholarship at the University of Queensland to study Oxygen inhibition of hydrogen embrittlement. Oxygen inhibition has a large potential application in facilitating the hydrogen economy. Application of this oxygen inhibition strategy requires in depth understanding of inhibition effectiveness and the inhibition mechanism.

This research is within Materials Engineering, UQ, which has one of the best facilities in the world to carry out this research, and has a strong internationally-focussed research culture. Materials Engineering at UQ was ranked as 5/5: outstanding performance well above world standard, the ranking was by the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA). UQ is ranked in the top 50 globally according to most rankings of world universities.

More details and how to apply

You can find out more and apply online at: