RP3.4-02: Closed-loop CP control system for fuel networks

Executive Summary

This project conducted a scoping study for developing a closed-loop cathodic protection system for existing and future fuel networks. The suggested system is a new field applicable methods for local evaluation and dynamic control of the actual polarisation and pH induced on the steel surface in real time based on data obtained from electrochemical sensors.

Contrary to present closed control loops based potential measurements, this new closed control system will be based on corrosion monitoring data from electrochemical probes that are unaffected by IR-drops across the soil.This project produced key knowledge required for the development of the closed loop CP control unit.




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Commencement / End Date February 2019 to April 2020
Outcomes / Impact

Using the suggested technique, the service life of the network could be greatly extended and the need for frequent and costly inspection of burried pipelines could be reduced. The knowledge generated in this work can also be easily extended to other impressed current CP application beyond buried structures (e.g. reinforced concrete structure).

Partners Deakin University, Corrosion Control Engineering (CCE), APA Group and independent advisors.
Research Contact

Douglas Proud

Research & Utilisation Program Coordinator