RP2.3-02 Code of Practice for pipeline engineers

Executive Summary

This project drafted a new Code of Practice for pipeline engineers under the guidance of an industry steering committee, based on three primary inputs:

  • A review of other engineering codes of practice;
  • A review of the literature regarding professional codes of practice more generally; and
  • Relevant research outputs from the Energy Pipelines CRC (EPCRC)

In addition to producing this Code, the project also assisted with setting a research agenda for FFCRC research theme 2.3 Organisational Accident Prevention.

UPDATE: Public Safety in the Pipeline Industry: An Engineering Practice Guide was launched by the APGA on 2nd February, 2022 (please click on the link to access it).

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Commencement / End Date 01/07/2020 to 06/30/2020
Outcomes / Impact

A new Code of Practice for pipeline engineers has been produced and is expected to be publicly launched by the peak industry body (Australian Pipelines and Gas Association) in 2022.

Socialisation and use of the Code of Practice in the pipeline engineering profession is expected to increase awareness and consideration of organisational causes of accidents and how everyday engineering work has a direct impact on safety outcomes. Having a written Code of Practice is an important conversation starter on issues seldom discussed by engineers and yet inherent on their everyday professional choices.

Partners RMIT University, Epic Energy, GPA Engineering, Sage Consulting Solutions
Research Contact

Dr Stephen McGrail

Research and Education Program Coordinator