RP2.1-04 Developing appropriate protocols for naming future fuels

Executive Summary

This project involved the systematic collection of actual and proposed names for current and future fuels along with interviews with industry stakeholders.  The project team reviewed Australian regulation on product naming conventions to crystallise any limits which might exist or emerge towards naming singular and blended products for domestic use and commercial export.

The final project report provides inputs into potential naming strategies and decision-making around the names of new fuel products. It contains:

  • A discussion of naming considerations, requirements and approaches which draws on interviews conducted with industry stakeholders;
  • The results from desktop research on names either in use or proposed in the energy space, including in the Australian context, Europe and elsewhere, as well as in traditional and social media; and
  • High-level recommendations for how the gas industry might proceed in its decision-making about how to name and label new fuels.
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Commencement / End Date November 2019 to July 2020
Outcomes / Impact

This research project provided the gas sector with information on naming trends and regulatory, media and stakeholder insights relevant to choosing a way forward for defining and naming future fuels. The considerations it identified and its analysis of fuel names in use around the world, especially for hydrogen, can be used when identifying appropriate naming protocols.

Partners RMIT University, ENA, AGIG, Jemena, Evo Energy
Research Contact

Dr Stephen McGrail

Research and Education Program Coordinator