RP1.4-01 Future Fuels End-use – Type A appliances Test Program

Executive Summary

This project tests residential appliances operation on a 10% hydrogen blend with natural gas.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Establish whether a wide range of appliances can be operated safely on natural gas with 10% hydrogen blended in.
  • Determine the maximum level of H2 that can be blended into natural gas before flash-back, ignition or other problems occur in a range of Type A appliances.
  • Identify the potential technical appliance issues associated with natural gas blends that have higher levels of H2 than can be accommodated by current appliances.

The methods used include review of current pilot programs and literature, and testing of appliances.

The results of the testing program are of particular interest to companies that are developing pilot projects that involve the injection of hydrogen into parts of the gas distribution system.

Quick Summary of RP1.4-01 Research

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Commencement / End Date Feb 2019 to May 2020
Outcomes / Impact
  • Report on testing Type A appliances at NATA accredited laboratories.
  • Report on findings of information gathering, and on technical issues with conversion to higher levels of H2 in NG.
  • This project will provide information on compatibility of existing equipment with 10% H2/ NG blends and provide a basis for future work on developing equipment compatible with higher levels of H2 in NG.
Partners University of Adelaide, AGIG, Jemena, Mondo, GAMAA, ESV
Research Contact

Martha Le