RP1.4-02 Future fuels End-use – Type B appliances and Industrial equipment

Executive Summary

This scoping study identified the potential technical issues associated with converting Type B appliances (industrial burners, gas turbines and engines, and non-combustion methane users) to natural gas blends with higher levels of hydrogen than can be accommodated by current equipment.

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Commencement / End Date Jun 2019 to Jan 2020
Outcomes / Impact

Reports on the range, tolerances and maximum levels of hydrogen that can be blended into natural gas for Type B appliances, it will provide industry with information on compatibility of existing equipment with H2/ NG blends and provide a basis for future work on developing equipment compatible with high levels of H2 in NG and 100% H2.

Partners University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne, AGIG, APA, OTR-SA, GPA, GASCO, ESV, Jemena
Research Contact

Martha Le