RP1.1-03 Learning from international hydrogen roadmaps and strategies

Executive Summary

This project summarised 19 international hydrogen strategies and helped to understand how nations, regions and industries are thinking about opportunities to become involved in this emerging industry.

As many other countries are in the process of developing similar strategies and several have already released their Hydrogen Strategy, there is an opportunity to benefit from this experience and also from a range of Hydrogen Roadmaps that have been released by a number of business organisations and state governments.  With a view to avoiding re-invention of the wheel, this project seeks to:

  1. Produce a short summary of each strategy and roadmap with a focus on elements of greatest relevance to Australia.
  2. Identify the concepts, drivers, assumptions and insights that led to the development of each strategy and roadmap.

With a focus on but not limited to the production of hydrogen and means for its use, identify a set of lessons and principles that those responsible for the development of COAG’s National Hydrogen Strategy should take into account.

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Commencement / End Date April 2019 to July 2020
Outcomes / Impact

A detailed report on international hydrogen roadmaps, lessons and insights in the development of hydrogen roadmaps and strategies for regulators

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Partners University of Adelaide, Jemena, APGA, ENA
Research Contact

Dr Stephen McGrail