RP1.10-07 Biomass to future fuels – A techno-economic assessment

Executive Summary

This project will produce a techno-economic assessment for the co-gasification of agricultural residues and construction wastes in a solar hybridized dual fluidized bed gasifier for H2 and/or H2 carriers and Fischer-Tropsch liquids.

Compared with the use of dedicated crops, the use of residues as feedstock result in lower net impacts and emissions. The use of non-edible feedstock also avoids complications related to food supply. Moreover, the conversion of agricultural residues to biofuels can provide an additional revenue to the industries producing these wastes. 

This project will identify the risks, challenges and economic benefits of using hybridised solar gasification for production of Fischer-Tropsch fuelshydrogen and hydrogen carriers from agriculturalwood processing and construction wastes. In addition to providing a technical and economical overview of using solar energy for conversion of waste biomass to valuable fuels, the conversion efficiency and performance of conventional, non-solar reactor will also be evaluated and compared.  

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Commencement / End Date January 2021 to June 2023
Outcomes / Impact

The project objectives include: 

  1. Assessment of gasification of agricultural residues and construction wastes via a dual fluidised bed gasification technology;
  2. Understanding of the value proposition of the production of high-purity H2, FT and methanol;  
  3. Assessment of torrefaction of biomass feedstock into the proposed biomass gasification process; 
  4. Comparison of the cost and energy requirement of conventional gasification process with solar hybridized gasification process; 
  5. Identifying the suitable locations for a solar biomass gasification process with considering biomass availability and solar resource. 

This project will be a complement to RP1.2-02, which is focusing on non-solar gasification of a few biomass feedstocks suitable for hydrogen production in a general location. 

Partners University of Adelaide, Jemena
Research Contact

Dr Stephen McGrail