RP1.10-08 – Development of Polymer based Wellbore Completion Material for Underground Hydrogen Storage in depleted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Executive Summary

This PhD research project aims to address one of the key issues of utilizing existing UGS in depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs for UHS. The research project intends to develop a novel cement-liner combination based on polymers to be used in Underground Hydrogen Storage application that can last for prolonged service period. The outcome of the research project will assist the Research Program 1 of FFCRC in providing solutions to address the wellbore integrity problems when utilizing UGS facilities for UHS.

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Commencement / End Date January 2022 to December 2024
Outcomes / Impact

The research project is expected to study and understand the existing wellbore completion materials and their ability to support the containment of injected hydrogen. A polymer-based cement-liner combination that is impermeable to hydrogen and suitable for the long-term application of UHS will be developed.

Partners University of Melbourne, CSIRO, Woodside, GHD, AGIG
Research Contact

Martha Le