RP1.2-07: Realising the potential of renewable gas through hydrogen methanation

Executive Summary

The primary goal of this project is to assess the feasibility of hydrogen methanation within the Australian context. This includes conducting a comprehensive review of both existing and emerging methanation technologies, along with their associated costs and challenges. Furthermore, the project aims to develop a comprehensive cost model for various production options, evaluate opportunities to determine the conditions favouring methanation viability, and undertake a comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) that takes into account all emission components.

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Commencement / End Date 1 February 2024 to 31 January 2025
Outcomes / Impact

The outcomes of this project include a comprehensive review of hydrogen methanation technologies and their associated costs. This review and the associated ‘techno-economic’ analysis will inform decision-making processes and guide the implementation of hydrogen methanation projects in Australia. The project will also contribute to our understanding of hydrogen methanation as a potential pathway for decarbonising the gas sector and can further facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources into the Australian energy system.

Partners University of Melbourne, Jemena, APGA, APA, AGIG, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide
Research Contact

Dr Stephen McGrail