RP1.4-06 Planning detailed assessment of Type B appliances with blends of hydrogen and natural gas

Executive Summary

This project provides detailed plans for experimental and engineering approaches to:

  • cost-effectively identify any compatibility issues of commercial and industrial appliances and burners (Type B) with hydrogen / natural gas blends and
  • determine upper limits for blending of hydrogen into natural gas.

The planned approaches will be followed in a subsequent project.

This project arose because of the complexity of defining what are the most important things to consider and what are the most relevant tests to conduct when assessing compatibility of commercial and industrial (Type-B) appliances with hydrogen / natural gas blends. Its purpose was to inform future projects by undertaking a desktop review and delivering a detailed test plan. The test plan is based on assessment of many (but not all) varieties of Type B appliances in Australia and in pilot project regions.

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Commencement / End Date February 2021 to July 2021
Outcomes / Impact

The project will deliver:  

  • a report detailing the assessment of options considered; and 
  • a costed proposal(s) for the best option(s) to determine the compatibility of a range of Industrial and Type B appliances with 10vol% hydrogen in natural gas, and the maximum vol% hydrogen for a range of appliances without making any changes to equipment, and the maximum vol% hydrogen for a range of appliances with minor changes. The proposal(s) will detail methodologies, experimental plans, locations, and costs. 
Partners University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne, AGIG, GPA Engineering, Jemena, ATCO, Advisian, Ausnet, ESV, DELWP
Research Contact

Martha Le