RP2.3-03 Establishing a Case Based Learning Framework for Pipeline Engineers

Executive Summary

The challenges of public safety and security of supply in a future fuels environment requires those who work in the pipeline engineering profession to maintain their capacity for making excellent engineering decisions that can impact system integrity. This requires professional engineers (amongst others working in the sector) to have the technical competencies and non-technical skills to be able to make the best professional decisions. However, existing professional development activities focus on technical competence.

With that in mind, this project has developed a new case-based learning framework, comprising learning modules and related learning objectives and learning outcomes. Key learning outcomes were defined and and associated necessary capabilities for pipeline engineers’ professional practice developed, drawn from a literature review and interviews with pipeline engineers. Sixteen accident cases were identified and reviewed as possible content for learning, including how each case relates to the desired capabilities.

The identified professional learning modules have been scoped for consideration by FFCRC for further development and delivery.

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Commencement / End Date July 2020 to December 2020
Outcomes / Impact

The ultimate aim is to maintain and promote excellence in engineering professional practice. To this end, this project has established potential professional learning modules and criteria for evaluating the success/effectiveness of such learning experiences.

Future FFCRC projects will complete the development, delivery, and evaluation of the various modes of case-based learning identified in this project.

Partners RMIT University, University of Canberra, Sage Consulting Solutions, GPA Engineering, EPIC Energy, Spiecapag, ESV
Research Contact

Dr Stephen McGrail

Research and Education Program Coordinator