RP2.3-04 Gas fitting practices for future fuels: Opportunities for training and upskilling in Victoria and South Australia.

Executive Summary

A safe and timely transition to a future fuels economy requires sufficient trades resources with the necessary skills. The gas fitting trade will be most critical, with the transition disrupting professional practices that have been established for decades and so requiring a planned response to the new and evolving knowledge base, associated competencies, and resourcing level that will be required.

This research aimed to provide an overview of the current status of training programs for new and existing gas fitters, the skills needs of gas fitters for future fuels, and the perceptions and practices of key stakeholders in plumbing and VET sectors. It uses Victoria and South Australia as detailed case studies to assess the changes in resourcing and education in the gas fitting trade that will be required to support the transition to, and ongoing maintenance of, a low carbon economy.

More specifically, the project examined the following:

  • The current status of the gas fitting trade in Victoria and South Australia with a focus on resources and competencies;
  • The resourcing level and evolving knowledge base required for the gas fitting trade to support the transition to future fuels (noting that these may vary depending on policy settings);
  • The current Victorian and South Australian systems for recruiting and training gas fitters with a focus on their ability to deliver the skills required in a transitioning economy; and
  • Principles regarding how to ensure existing trades training systems across Australia can respond to deliver trades registration and continuing professional development for future fuels.

Project summary (RP2.3-04) (click on green text to access)

More information:

The outputs from this project are now publicly available, i.e. beyond the CRC’s participants. To access the project reports please click on the green text below.

RP2.3-04 Interim Report 1 (review of training, certification and licensing frameworks for gasfitters in Victoria, and of training/upskilling needs for hydrogen)

RP2.3-04 Interim Report 2 (review of both South Australia and Victoria)

RP2.3-04 Interim Report 3 (case studies of other industries/professions)

RP2.3-04 Interim Report 4 (results from national survey of plumbers/gasfitters)

RP2.3-04 Final Project Report

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Commencement / End Date November 2020 to November 2022
Outcomes / Impact

The central outcome of the project will be advice to policymakers in all states regarding the trades skills and resources required for the future fuels transition based on a detailed review of existing systems and practices in Victoria and South Australia. The project also aims to support the successful practical implementation of a transition to a future fuels economy by helping to ensure that sufficient competent tradespeople are available to make the necessary changes to appliances at the household level.

Partners RMIT University, Energy Safe Victoria, Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association of Australia (GAMAA), South Australian Government (DEM)
Research Contact

Dr Stephen McGrail

Research and Education Program Coordinator