RP2.3-07 Public Safety Workshops and a Serious Game

Executive Summary

This project builds on the learning framework developed under project RP2.3-03 to develop, deliver and evaluate two different types of professional learning experiences regarding system safety in future fuels. The two modes are face to face workshops exploring lessons from accident cases and a workshop simulating project decision making incorporating a serious game. Initial sessions will cover 150 people.

Both modes will be evaluated for effectiveness and final professional development materials delivered for the packages to be used following the project. The ultimate aim is to maintain and promote excellence in engineering professional practice. The capabilities link to the recently released APGA Engineering Practice Guide and will support excellent professional decision making regarding public safety issues as the industry transitions to future fuels.

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Commencement / End Date August 2022 to February 2025
Outcomes / Impact

This project aims to generate improved professional practice regarding public safety for those who have attended the professional learning modules. It aims to train approximately 150 engineers to support better decision making regarding public safety in a future fuels environment. Two new training experiences will be developed, delivered and evaluated to support gas industry engineers’ decision making

The project also includes a pedagogical evaluation of these experiences. The results will inform final stand-alone professional learning modules delivered to industry to be used beyond the project.

Partners RMIT, Metcalfe Engineering, APA, Jemena, GPA Engineering, Sage Consulting, SA Department for Energy and Mining
Research Contact

Dr Stephen McGrail

Research and Education Program Coordinator