RP3.2-11: Fitness for Service assessment of repurposed pipelines to Hydrogen

Executive Summary

To ensure safety and ease of operation and determine whether a hydrogen carrying pipeline has the structural integrity to withstand all forces, which it might be subjected during operation, a condition assessment and a fitness for service assessment based on H2 transportation at different levels is required, as pipelines are not defect free.

This research provides a literature review and assess the suitability of the existing fitness for service and damage assessment methods for transmission pipelines used by the industry through AS 2885.3 standard and its approved guidelines.The work identifies the existing gaps and provide a roadmap for further research programs based on the outcome of the literature review. Ultimately the outcome of the research will inform the “Hydrogen Pipeline Code of Practice” and form a section of that code.

The outcomes of the study will enable pipeline owners and operators to ensure the pipelines are fit and ready for transporting hydrogen and/or outline the additional changes/consideration required to address any existing structural integrity issue to make the pipelines hydrogen ready.

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Commencement / End Date January 2022 to August 2022
Outcomes / Impact

This study enables the existing gas and pipeline operators to perform condition assessment and remaining life calculations for repurposing their network to H2. Potential users can re-assess their existing assets (with known defects) with a proposed change of fluid, as part of the potential transition from an all-hydrocarbons fluid to a blend of H2, and finally to an all-H2 composition. The research also will identify gap in knowledge requiring further research by developing a roadmap for further research.

Partners Worley, APA, Jemena, Santos, AGIG, Rosen Group, GPA Engineering, University Of Wollongong, University of Queensland.
Research Contact

Douglas Proud

Research & Utilisation Program Coordinator