RP3.3-04: Smart Sign Technology for Continuous Easement Interference Monitoring

Executive Summary

External interference threats arising from third party activities poses a significant risk to high pressure transmission pipelines. The need for high quality detection strategies is vital for the few occasions where preventative controls fail to avoid potentially catastrophic consequences.

This project covers the design of a smart visual sensor for the purpose of continuous easement monitoring, embedding state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to detect potential pipeline encroachments in real-time and quickly alert the operator of the pipeline. The research produces a sensor able to process locally the live video feed of a CCTV to establish the level of threat associated with a pipeline encroachment and alert the pipeline operator. A trial of the sensor along a section of a selected easement will be conducted to assess its performance and the value for the pipeline industry.


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Commencement / End Date 1 August 2020 to April 2022
Outcomes / Impact

This research improves industry threat detection capabilities by introducing a continuous and intelligent monitoring of easement activity for the purpose of early detection of external interference. The system also allows quick dispatch of a technician to investigate any problematic situations arising from third party activities posing an external interference risk to high pressure pipelines.

Partners University of Wollongong, SEA Gas, Epic Energy, APA Group
Research Contact

Douglas Proud

Research & Utilisation Program Coordinator