RP3.4-03B: Understanding damage to pipeline due to HDD equipment – Phase 2

Executive Summary

This research project is the second phase of a program to establish a Centre of Excellence for External Interference and Pipeline Damage Assessment due to third party intrusion. This project will provide an empirically based methodology for pipeline engineers to assess the potential damage to pipelines due to HDD impacts using the HDD rig that was developped through the first phase of the program (RP3.4-03) .

The methodology aims to be generally consistent with the approach used to assess excavator impacts to facilitate uptake within the pipeline industry. It also will be consistent with the requirements and approaches adopted in AS 2885.1 and AS 2885.6.

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Commencement / End Date July 2021 to June 2022
Outcomes / Impact

The methodology would be made available for use within the industry, in the same manner that the excavator resistance to penetration method is currently used by the industry. The users of the developed methodology would be:

  • Pipeline designers to determine appropriate and cost-effective protection methods (i.e. required wall thickness) to prevent loss of containment events or reduce a risk level appropriate to the Location Classification due to impact from common HDD equipment;
  • Integrity engineers to assess the ability for existing pipelines to provide adequate penetration resistance against HDD impacts, commensurate with the nominated Location Classification.
  • SMS workshop participants to appropriately assess the risk of loss of containment events due to HDD impacts.
Partners University of Wollongong, Asset Engineering Solutions, Jemena, APA, Beach Energy, Spiecapag/ HDI Lucas
Research Contact

Douglas Proud

Research & Utilisation Program Coordinator