RP3.4-11 Assessment of squeeze off reinforcement clamps

Executive Summary

Currently the use of re rounding clamps to extend the lifetime of a pipe with a squeeze off is not completely understood. The mechanism by how the clamp extends the life is not known nor is the extension of life the clamp provides. Certain variables including the age and degradation of the pipe, the severity of the squeeze off damage and the type of clamp need to be understood before re rounding clamps can be used with confidence a repair method.

This literature study aims to review all available clamp methods and associated life expectancy of the current clamping method, to share the information with the wider Australian and New Zealand gas industry.

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Commencement / End Date January 2023 to September 2023
Partners Deakin University, APA, Jemena, ATCO
Research Contact

Douglas Proud

Research & Utilisation Program Coordinator