RP1.1-01 Scenario and broad-scale modelling of future energy systems

Executive Summary

Using well-established scenario development processes and a range of economic and technical models (including CGE models), research was completed in mid-2021 that created the data sets and knowledge necessary to:

  • Enable quantitative assessment of the socio-economic consequences of introducing hydrogen at both the regional and national level; and
  • Identify the sectors and industries that may benefit most and/or be most challenged by the development of future fuel technologies and the resultant decarbonisation of the economy.

This project assembles the information necessary for industry, community and research leaders to engage effectively in debates about the merits of facilitating and expediting investment in the production of future fuels.

Download the review of previous future fuels studies, modelling approaches and models (modelling literature review)

Download research summary – scenario and broad-scale modelling

Download full report

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Commencement / End Date 30/1/2019 to 30/6/2021
Outcomes / Impact

The main outcome from this project would be a significantly enhanced sector and regional understanding of the role that hydrogen and other fuels could play in the development of Australia and elsewhere.

Partners University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne, University of Wollongong, ENA, Ausnet, OSD, SA Government
Research Contact

Dr Stephen McGrail