RP1.3-01 Solar Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Technology Development

Executive Summary

This project develops a user-scale photocatalysis hydrogen production technology.

The project aims to develop technology capable of hydrogen production using only water and direct sunlight, a process known as photocatalysis. This process can be considered as electrolysis at the nanoscale and its simplicity means that it has potential cost advantages compared to other renewable hydrogen production technologies.

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Commencement / End Date November 2019 to August 2024
Outcomes / Impact

This project aims to:

  • Develop different photocatalysts,
  • Apply the developed photocatalysts in a modular photochemical reactor,
  • Demonstrate improved water-splitting efficiency with the new OER and HER photocatalysts in a commercial dual-illumination photo-electric-chemical cell.
Partners University of Adelaide, AGIG, GHD, Woodside, APA
Research Contact

Martha Le