RP3.2-03: The online AS 2885 handbook

Executive Summary

This project established an online platform for AS 2885 as a one-stop online reference and community for finding answers to questions about AS 2885 suits of standards. This platform provides a series of documents, discussions and references to help users resolve the technical and application uncertainties that accompany AS 2885 standards.

The current generation working in the industry is entirely familiar with online research, and are also familiar with and have expectations of online forums to discuss issues. A ‘wiki’ style site with flexibility and ‘crowd-sourced’ problem solving characteristics is employed as platform to achieve the objectives of the project. AS 2885 ONLINE REFERENCE PLATFORM

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Commencement / End Date July 2019 to June 2020
Outcomes / Impact

Industry benefits from the following outcomes of this project:

  • Tangible knowledge transfer mechanism for AS 2885 pipelines.
  • A community approach to allow sharing and disseminating information.
  • A common understanding of typical AS 2885 pipeline issues.
Partners Sage Consulting Solutions Pty Ltd, APA Group, Epic Energy, GPA Engineering and independent advisors
Research Contact

Douglas Proud

Research & Utilisation Program Coordinator