Recording available – What could a National Renewable Gas Target mean for Australia?

April 7, 2022

Webinar – 5 April 2022

The recording and presentations are now available:

University of Adelaide presentation – Jim Hancock

NSW Government presentation – Michael Probert

This online forum featured Future Fuels CRC researcher Jim Hancock from the SA Centre for Economic Studies at the University of Adelaide outlining the proposed approach for our Renewable Gas Target CGE modelling research project that is starting soon RP2.2-04 ‘Understanding the implications of a Renewable Gas Target for Australia’s gas networks’.

Michael Probert from the NSW Government also shared an overview of their Renewable Fuel Target Scheme. This is a first for Australia and is currently under active development.

Future Fuels CRC would like to thank Jim and Michael for presenting, Benjy Lee for hosting, Vikram Singh (AGIG) and John Cheong-Holdaway (Jemena) for joining us on the Q&A panel, and the hundreds of colleagues who attended and asked questions.