Webinar recording out now: a Renewable Gas Target for Australia

May 19, 2023

Watch this lively discussion from 19 May 2023 exploring our latest research on Renewable Gas Targets. Jim Hancock, University of Adelaide will share the research’s insights on the potential design of a Renewable Gas Target and perspectives on both the roles the target could play and the potential implementation of a target in Australia.

Future Fuels CRC’s project RP2.2-04 is researching how a target could be effectively designed and implemented to support the adoption of renewable gases in Australia. Jim’s presentation was followed by a Q&A panel session including:

Linda Cardillo GM Renewable Gas, Jemena,
Russell James GM Hydrogen and Future Fuels, ATCO,
Tim Bray, Strategic and Consumer Policy, Government of Western Australia,
Nicola McFarlane, Director, Hydrogen and New Energies, Government of Western Australia
Benjy Lee Benjy Lee Consulting (Moderator)