Webinar recording – Social license and acceptance of hydrogen and biomethane

May 28, 2024

The recording of today’s Social License webinar is now available. The University of Queensland has completed its pivotal research project to identify the key requirements for a social licence for hydrogen and biomethane from Australian communities and industry:

This free-of-charge, public webinar was a great introduction to the latest insights from their research including public perceptions, stakeholder attitudes, national surveys and deliberative engagement processes. This event is important for anyone working with communities and end-users to implement hydrogen and biomethane projects.


Kathy Witt, Associate Professor

Amrita Kambo, Research Fellow

The speakers were joined by a Q&A panel of industry experts including David Norman, CEO of Future Fuels CRC and

Elena Miceski, Environment and Social Consulting Lead at Worley,
Helen Williams, Head of Community and Social Performance at APA Group and
Owen Sharpe, Strategy Manager at Australian Gas Infrastructure Group