RMIT Workshop Series – improving operational decision making for pipeline engineers

March 15, 2024 - May 1, 2024

Researchers led by Prof Jan Hayes at RMIT are running a series of professional development workshops for engineers. The training uses a serious game called Planet Pipeline to put pipeline engineers into real-life situations to develop their decision making skills. The workshops are part of Future Fuels CRC research into different approaches to professional learning, to develop excellence in engineering professional practice.

We need your help to recruit participants. The workshops are open to all engineers in organisations that participate in Future Fuels CRC’s research.

Participants will play the serious game in small groups with a debrief and replays encouraged to test alternative outcomes. The game covers three scenarios:

Scenario 1 – making design and operating choices to manage the threat of third party damage to a pipeline at the outskirts of a large county town.

Scenario 2 – make design choices regarding floods and work with a landowner who doesn’t want a pipeline running through their agricultural land.

Scenario 3 – exploring decisions on defects in an operational pipeline that requires a welded repair.

While the scenarios are technically based, the key lessons to learn in each session are non-technical such as collaboration, dealing with uncertainty and thinking in the long term.  Participants can be nominated for one or more sessions that seem most relevant to their professional activities, although all scenarios should be broadly understandable to industry engineers.


Melbourne RMIT city campus:

15 March – 9am to 1pm (Scenario 3)

4 April – 9am to 1pm (Scenario 1)

5 April – 9am to 1pm (scenario 2)


Brisbane (GPA Engineering, CBD)

29 April – 9am to 1pm (Scenario 1)

30 April – 9am to 1pm (Scenario 2)

1 May – 9am to 1pm (Scenario 3)


Adelaide (GPA Engineering, Unley)

20 May – 9am to 1pm (Scenario 1)

21 May – 9am to 1pm (Scenario 3)


All sessions are standalone; you can attend single or multiple sessions. The training is offered free of charge to Future Fuels CRC participants as it is part of our RP2.3-07 research project.


How to participate

If you or your colleagues are interested in participating or would like further information, please contact