Webinar: Hydrogen in plastic pipe networks and the role of clamping in squeeze off practices

April 16, 2024

16 April, 11am to 12:30pm (AEST) 

Enabling the distribution of hydrogen and hydrogen/methane blends in Australia’s already installed plastic pipe networks is a core research outcome for Future Fuels CRC. We are very pleased to invite you to this webinar to share and discuss the latest research on the interaction of hydrogen with current plastic network materials. For anyone working in future fuels and plastic networks this is a great introduction to the science behind using hydrogen in polymer pipes.

To complement this, the role of the stainless steel reinforcement clamp in relation to squeeze off will be discussed. Squeeze off, a commonly used practice to stop the flow of gas, can often reduce the service life of the pipe. The introduction of a reinforcement clamp at the squeeze-off ear has been proposed. Here we will provide information and recommendations on when to clamp and the effectiveness of the clamp under different degrees of damage at the squeeze-off ear.


A/Prof. Nolene Byrne, Deakin University 

Sebastian Manjarres Espinosa, Deakin University



Our presenters will be joined by a Q&A panel of industry experts

Leigh Atkins, APA Group 

Richard Chawa, Jemena 

David Norman, CEO Future Fuels CRC (host) 


This research investigates the interactions of hydrogen with current network materials and standard industry processes in repairing and expanding the plastic pipe network. The projects focus on the impact of hydrogen and its blends on the polymers and elastomeric materials used in pipeline network systems. The project also considers the potential for interaction of hydrogen and its blends with defects, stress concentrations and degraded material through industry processes including squeeze-off and fusion welding.

Research projects covered in this webinar:

Future proofing plastic pipes RP3-1-03

Hydrogen test bed for plastic pipe networks RP3-1-07

Assessment of squeeze off reinforcement clamps RP3-4-11


How to Register

The webinar is only open to participating organisations of Future Fuels CRC, so please use your organisation’s email address when registering to identify yourself.

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