RP2.1-09 Social licence to operate training package

Executive Summary

This project created a new education and training package directed at practitioners working across industry, government and academia. The package has two goals. The first is to build an understanding of the concept of Social License to Operate (SLO). Secondly, it outlines and develops the skills required to proactively manage SLO as it applies to future fuels.

The latest research on SLO was reviewed and synthesised. For example, the background and preparatory work for this training package included a detailed reviewed of the following aspects and topics:

  • The basic conceptual thrust of SLO;
  • The background and history of SLO;
  • The key factors that comprise an SLO;
  • The requisite steps for gaining SLO;
  • Stakeholder analysis and prioritisation activity; and
  • How participants may valuate and maintain SLO

Guide to this training package

The online training package is available to all participating organisations of Future Fuels CRC. For more information and to register please contact us.

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Commencement / End Date April 2020 to November 2020
Outcomes / Impact

This new online SLO training package provides a new resource for developing the skills required to proactively manage SLO as it applies to future fuels.

By gaining such knowledge Future Fuels CRC partners and participants will build their capacity to (i) implement more successful projects that take into consideration community concerns, and (ii) build stronger partnerships with their community and broader stakeholder groups.

Partners University of Queensland, SA Government, Jemena
Research Contact

Dr Stephen McGrail

Research and Education Program Coordinator