Program 1 Future Fuel Technologies, Systems And Markets

Research Program 1 focuses on understanding the technical, commercial, market barriers and opportunities for the use of future fuels.

This program generates tools to model grid-scale production and delivery systems for future fuels like hydrogen and biogas. Techno-economic models of fuel production processes and supply chains will be developed to identify major technical or cost hurdles to the commercial uptake of low carbon fuels. Transformational technology will then be developed to overcome these identified issues.

Research will characterise properties of low-carbon fuels and determine how they will impact residential, commercial and industrial customers, and solutions will be developed to address these impacts.

Outcomes of Research Program 1 include:

  • Viable plans to realise the full potential of low-carbon fuels in the energy supply mix; reducing investment risk in new technology and infrastructure.
  • New domestic markets for reliable, cost effective low emission fuels and export opportunities.
  • New technology for the production of low-carbon fuels.
  • Demonstration and optimisation of low-carbon fuel technologies for Australian conditions.
  • Improved reliability of the electricity market by supporting intermittent renewable generation with manufactured gases stored in existing gas infrastructure.
  • New knowledge to develop appliances and equipment compatible with low-carbon fuels.

Key Program Areas

Accelerated development of early stage, breakthrough technologies (RP1.3)

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Compatibility of end user equipment with future fuels (RP1.4)

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Integrated planning of fuel systems production, delivery and use (RP1.1)

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Techno-economic modelling of fuel production processes and supply chains (RP1.2)

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