Program 3 Network Lifecycle Management

Research Program 3 addresses advances in design, construction, and operations-related factors relevant to Australian energy infrastructure, extending the life of existing infrastructure and enabling safe and efficient delivery of existing and future fuels. Our research will exploit developments in allied disciplines, such as big data integration, new materials and additive manufacturing to enhance current asset management practices.

Vital components of the energy transfer infrastructure are studied from concept to end of life. Research addresses novel materials, design, installation, operations and maintenance, and repurposing or decommissioning requirements. The program provides solutions to asset owners on the suitability of metallic and polymer pipe materials for the transport and storage of existing and new fuels.

Research Program 3 research outcomes include:

  • New and improved materials for effective and safe transport and storage of existing and future fuels.
  • Effective design standards and operating procedures for transport and storage of fuels in new and existing pipeline systems.
  • Opportunities to extend the life of existing infrastructure through repurposing existing networks and facilities to support the transportation of low carbon fuels.
  • Reduced capital costs of new energy transportation infrastructure, and reduced operating and maintenance cost of infrastructure.
  • More accurate, real-time assessment of the condition of metallic and plastic pipes through cost-effective sensing technology for detection, monitoring and evaluation of pipe degradation.
  • Enhanced asset management decision-making through advanced detection technologies, data analytics and service life time prediction models covering a wide range of fuels and materials.

Key Program Areas

Material properties and performance (RP3.1)

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Safe and efficient design, construction and operation of an integrated fuels infrastructure (RP3.2)

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Smart monitoring, data management and asset condition prediction (RP3.3)

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Advanced infrastructure repair and protection systems (RP3.4)

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