Program 2 Social Acceptance, Public Safety & Security Of Supply

Public understanding and acceptance of major infrastructure investments, and the policy to support that infrastructure, benefits from early and effective engagement with relevant communities. Research Program 2 addresses how best to engage with the community to support good decision-making associated with future fuel infrastructure projects.

This program produces outputs that will sustain the world-class best practice safety and reliability performance of the Australian gas sector as it decarbonises. Research focuses on technical, social and organisational factors that support excellence in learning and decision-making.

Key outcomes include:

  • Understanding social licence for the adoption and use of low-carbon fuels by industry users and the community.
  • A balanced, trustworthy source of information to guide the safe introduction and use of future fuels.
  • Optimal outcomes for companies, governments and society in the development and refitting of large energy projects and infrastructure.
  • Continued world-class best practice safety and reliability performance of Australian fuel production, transmission, distribution and storage infrastructure.
  • Reduced risk of major incidents associated with operation of existing and future fuel infrastructure.
  • Sound policy and regulatory to support governance of low-carbon fuel technology and infrastructure to enable successful adoption, implementation and management.

Key Program Areas

Appropriate community engagement (RP2.1)

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Policy solutions for new technology governance (RP2.2)

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Organisational accident prevention (RP2.3)

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Urban encroachment and third party interference (RP2.4)

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